Strategies make-up the overall aims or goals when we do our marketing. A strategy is made up of a group of activities (or tactics) that actually get the work done.

The four overall goals for opening your new store should be to:

1. Build Awareness & Trial

Build Awareness of the location – this lets people know you exist, how and where to find you. You also want them to try your product. Often people won’t know what makes you better until they have tried it first hand.

2. Create Excitement

In all we do, we want to make sure we build excitement for the location (you want people to be counting down the days with you). The Grand Opening event helps create this.

3. Drive Traffic

Activities to get people to visit and return.

4. Create Community

Connect with your community in meaningful ways that allow customers to feel you’re there for them. Includes, doing the things that allow you be a recognized participant in the community.