One of the best things about Social Media success is that it is highly quantifiable. You can easily see how many people are following you or how many times your most recent post has been re-tweeted or shared. However, these numbers are worthless unless you do something to engage with your participants or fans.

You see, only a certain portion of your participants are real evangelic fans who will serve as a volunteer sales force – spreading the good word of your business throughout their various social networks. This is called Word of Mouth Marketing – and it’s enhanced by using social media correctly.

But don’t get caught up in the numbers! Instead, focus on creating meaningful and high-quality communication with your followers. It’s better to deliver the best message you can twice a day than to deliver 20 average messages.

Check out our blog post series on Social Media to learn how the same message can be transmitted over three different Social Media channels to ensure it reaches all members of your audience.

But before you start Tweeting and “Liking” everything, let’s make sure you and your team are ready to embark on this Social Media journey.