Of all the events of the Holiday season, the big two are…

  • Black Friday and
  • Holiday Shopping Season that follows from Black Friday through December 24th.

Black Friday


Black Friday has become famous in the United States as a monumental sales day. Businesses stay open for 24-hours, offer sales and discounts, hoping to kickstart sales momentum that will last throughout the Holiday buying season.

There are two ways to take part in Black Friday

  1. Drive traffic to your location through sales promotions that establish your place as a destination for Black Friday specials.
  2. Piggyback on the traffic generated by others hosting Black Friday events.

Why Is It Called Black Friday?

For many retailers, the Holiday season is when you generate the sales that make your year successful.

While it is an urban legend that the origin of the name  “Black Friday” is because it is the day when profit shifts from “in the red” to “in the black.” There is no denying the days from Thanksgiving to January 1 for retailers can make or break sales for the year.

Merry Q1 – Christmastime is such a successful and important season for Starbucks; they’ve made it their first sales quarter of the year – starting their fiscal year on Oct 1. This way, Starbucks always starts off the year with positive sales and happy investors!

Holiday Fact

Black Friday’s name originated in Philadelphia, where it was used to describe the heavy and disruptive pedestrian and vehicle traffic which would occur on the day after Thanksgiving.

Holiday Shopping Season


The shopping season itself increases customer traffic that increases overall sales volume.

While some customers have a list of items they’re searching to buy, others may not know what to buy… challenged to buy that perfect gift.

In short, (and to repeat) our goal is to convert this customer traffic and find ways to surprise and delight our customers and potential customers.

[Perhaps people are not specifically coming into your location, but you can take advantage of all the additional foot traffic and people passing by.]