Congratulations, you’ve got marketing activities running!

In your Marketing Plan, you created SMART goals. The “M” in SMART stands for Measure. You also identified specific measurement tools in your project plans.

Pull all that information together and monitor your progress.

  • Track – follow the progress of the results.
  • Measure – compare your actual to your plan.
  • Share – make others aware of how the activity is progressing.

Track Efforts & Measure Progress

Tracking the results of your Local Marketing plan is a must. How else will you know if your plan is accomplishing your goals without measuring the effects of the plan?

When you created your goals, you made them measurable. Now is the time to compare the numbers you established in your goals with what is actually taking place.

Attached is a blank tracking and measuring tool you may customize for your use. We have built it in Excel so it will calculate some of the numbers for you.

Marketing Activity
Tracking Tool

Update and post this tracking template so your team may see the results to date. Celebrate success, and push harder when you’re not making your goals.

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