During your event, take a look at the goals you set. How well are you achieving or exceeding them? Keep track of the weather, temperature, and any other events taking place that may have contributed to or diminished the success of your event. While you can’t predict the weather, you’ll know next year of the rain prevented people from attending your event or if maybe you needed more promotion.

Make notes on things that worked or didn’t work. Did you have too much food? Not enough giveaways? How did most guests hear about your event? It helps to make those notes the day after your event so that the information is fresh in your mind.

For your next event, look back on these notes, and make preparations to keep doing the things that worked and stop doing the things that didn’t.

Recap, Manage-Up!

We ALWAYS recommend sending your boss a recap of the event.  Highlight the success, some photos, hard numbers indicating how many participants, what media covered your event, and the bump in sales (or email or whatever your goal was).

Give Credit, Take Blame

One of the best pieces of leadership advice we’ve ever received.

Give credit to others for the success, and take the blame for anything that went wrong.

Trust us. That goes MUCH further in trying to be recognized for your work than actively jumping up and down to take credit and be recognized for your work.

And the blame part? You’re in charge. If someone didn’t follow through or something wasn’t implemented properly, own that mistake. Figure out what caused the mistake, and correct it to avoid that next time.