While Social Media marketing might seem easy (and it can be) and like all fun and games (there are some of those, too), it requires the same amount of planning, commitment and creativity that a typical marketing plan would. Here are the basics you need to get started:

Marketing Plan:

This establishes Social Media as an appropriate tool for you and your business.

Communications Plan:

This will drive the topic, timing, and frequency of your communication.


To effectively communicate with your participants, you need to communicate a consistent message at a consistent and frequent rate.


Social Media efforts are most effective when there is one employee responsible for generating content, interacting with participants, and monitoring the various channels of communication. Don’t forget: Social Media isn’t a one-time thing… it’s ongoing and only works over time.

Multiple Channels of Communication:

If appropriate, engage with your participants on multiple channels of Social Media (Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, etc.)

The Hub:

Social Media channels should serve as a “welcome mat” for your business. While highly interactive, they are merely entry points, leading customers to your branded website or blog. We highly recommend having a “property” (website) that you control where you can engage at the deepest level with your customers. While your most recent Facebook post might get your customers’ attention, it should drive them to your website or blog where the full details are.

Ok, now you know what you need to get started. Let’s move on to understanding how businesses use Social Media.