We Compensate Our Lack of Story With Marketing Tools

We’re all using is the same tools – print ads, online ads, social media, search engine optimization, etc. When a company doesn’t have a story worth spreading, they try to compensate with tools and marketing. But adding more advertising and messaging is fighting clutter with clutter.

We Focus on Current Customers, Not Potential Customers

We are too focused on our current Satisfied Customers. Your company goal is probably to keep current satisfied customers satisfied. That’s customer retention 101. But, growth lies beyond your current satisfied customers in new groups of dissatisfied and unsatisfied customers. If you offer this group the solution to their problems, they will buy from you. The right product for the right people.

We Try To Be Everything for Everybody

We are too busy attempting to be everything for everyone. Common sense makes us think by making our products and services work for as many people as possible – the broadest possible audience – we’ll end up making more money.

However, in the long run, by making our products for everybody, we end up making them for no one. And, eventually, no one ends up your customer.

Now that you know what prevents being remarkable, let’s talk about what creates it.