Being remarkable literally means, able to be remarked about. Worth paying attention to. It can apply to your products, services, company, brand, as well as us as people.

Walt Disney has a great quote about being remarkable…

“Do what you do so well that people can’t resist talking about you.”

Standing Out From The Crowd

We’re all trying to get noticed by our target customers. We’re all trying to stand out ahead of our competition.


Chances are, you’re doing a pretty good job building awareness of your business to potential clients. But, the problem is your competition is doing a pretty good job too. And so are other brands and companies.

All of us doing a pretty good job is causing us to blend in with each other even more.

All of us being pretty good is creating business camouflage. All of our messages are canceling each other out.


Be “THE” not “A.”

Being remarkable means… being different. Really different. Radically different. Being remarkable means you are “THE” not “A.”

A = generic, one of many, adequate.

THE = singular, specific, the only, the expert.

You don’t want to be a burger place, a day spa, or a bookstore. You want to be THE burger place, THE day spa, THE bookstore.

Benefits of Being Remarkable

What are the advantages of being remarkable?

In a crowded industry – with lots of competitors, not standing out is the same as being invisible. The more crowded your industry that much more you need to stand out.┬áBeing remarkable is important because it gives you a story. Something people can remark about?

Having a stand-out story is a story worth spreading. That creates word-of-mouth and “buzz.” When people remark about you in a positive way, you become the preference.

So, if being remarkable is so great, why aren’t more businesses doing it? What’s holding us back from being remarkable?