Here are prompts and questions your teams may use as they tour. These are from an actual tour we created for a client in the Washington, DC area. We kept the brand names in place so you can see the examples. They are organized by restaurant/concept type.


We have created a sample page in PowerPoint you may use to create your own tour guides.

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What To Look For & Pay Attention To:

Here are things to look for when touring different concepts.

Cupcakes & Bakery

  • How do they offer products to go?
  • What are their menus like?
  • How can you tell what flavors they offer?
  • How do they handle pricing?
  • How easy or confusing is the retail queue?
  • How many different types of products do they offer?
  • Do the cupcakes feel mass-produced or homemade?
  • Notice the pricing at Georgetown Cupcakes? Notice the line?

Coffee Concepts

  • How are the various Starbucks locations consistent with each other? How are they different from each other?
  • At Dean & Deluca and Baked + Wired, pay attention to the coffee service. How does it compare to Starbucks?
  • Is the Starbucks promotional signage the same at the various locations?
  • Do Dean & Deluca and Baked + Wired have promotional signage? If so, what are they promoting?
  • Are all the Starbucks employees dressed the same? What about the employees at Dean & Deluca and Baked + Wired?

Burger & Burritos

  • How are they similar to your concept?
  • How are they different?
  • How basic or varied is the menu?
  • Does the space feature an open kitchen?
  • How easy or confusing is the retail queue?
  • How busy are they? If they are busy, is it comfortable in line or while waiting for your food?
  • Is it clear whether someone brings you your food or if you wait for it at the counter?
  • How do you customize your order? Topping bar, condiment bar, etc.?

Retail Stores

  • What is the feel of the store? Is it clean/well-kept or messy? Does the store feel welcoming?
  • Are the employees dressed the same or uniquely? Does that make them more or less approachable?
  • In the clothing stores, what is the mix of clothing to other products – housewares, gadgets, other?
  • Try on something (at a clothing store) or ask to try out a product – does the sales associate give you their name or ask for yours? How does that make you feel?

Frozen Yogurt

  • How are they similar to your concept?
  • How are they different?
  • Are there other offerings besides frozen yogurt?
  • How easy or confusing is the retail queue?
  • Can you add your toppings or does an employee do it for you?
  • Do you feel like you can make a healthy choice if you wanted to?

Quick-Serve Bistro Concepts

  • How are they similar to your concept?
  • How are they different?
  • Does the food feel special or generic?
  • Do you understand where/how to order?
  • Is it obvious whether you have a waiter/waitress, if your food is brought to you or if you wait to pick it up?
  • Do you understand where to sit?
  • Would you bring a friend from out of town to lunch here? Why or why not?