These are the things to look for at every location you visit.


Clean and inviting? Opening hours posted? What do you notice even before you enter?

First Impression

Lighting? Music playing? Does the store feel welcoming? Does someone greet you as you enter?


What is the overall feel of the location? Is it a place you would feel comfortable to linger?

Product Quality

Do the products look high quality? From what you tried, was it as good as you hoped it would be?


How is the product – food, clothing, etc. presented? High-end? Unique fixtures? How much do they serve you versus self-help? (Not including payment, of course).

Product Signage

What do they use to indicate everyday offerings? Pricing? Are their menus slick and printed, or handwritten? Does the menu match the brand? Are there specials? Limited time offerings? If so, how did they let you know?

Point of Service / Register

How is the experience getting your product? Was the person on the register friendly, nice, courteous? Is the POS area clean or cluttered?

Social Media

Can you tell if they use Twitter, Facebook, etc.? If so, how do you know?

Lasting Impression

Would you bring a friend from out of town to this concept? Is it a destination? Was visiting this location a memorable experience?


Here is a sample of a Store Tour we prepared for a client in Washington, DC.

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