Where We Need To Go

Starter Questions

  • What are your goals for next year?
  • What kind of increase is planned next year over this year?

You may have goals coming from your corporate offices, or programs that you know you need to accomplish.

How many more “X” will it take?

To meet your goals:

  • How many more transactions will it take?
  • How much do customers need to spend per order?

When you figure out that number, is it realistic that you can get your front-line sales people to “ask” for this?

Specify It, Make It Concrete


It may be difficult for store employees to understand increasing sales by $1,000 per month. But, they will understand and be able to measure if you specify:

  • “Sell one more side dish per day,”
  • Ask if the customer needs batteries with their new appliance,
  • or “add a pastry with a coffee order each hour.”

Broken down this way, employees “get” what they need to do and how they can contribute to the goals.

Do you already have add-on products or programs your employees can suggest? Or do you need to create them?