Organization & Structure

Brainstorming could be defined as using stimulus to generate ideas and creative thinking.

This collection organizes brainstorming methods into various categories. If you or your team find a particular method of brainstorming interesting or helpful, you may want to try other methods in that category.

Alternately, if the group doesn’t seem to click using methods, for example, in the Building category, perhaps you should try a different method.

For categorization, brainstorming methods are grouped into categories. Each of these categories belongs to a Worldview.


Worldviews are made up of groups of categories,
Categories – are groups of brainstorming styles, [view all categories]
Methods – are idea generation techniques [view all methods]
This background may not be helpful for you if you simply want to jump in and create ideas… But it is a meaningful way to log the various methods.

Let’s start with the big picture…

There are four Worldviews…

  1. Worldview 1,
  2. Worldview 1 Plus,
  3. Worldview 2, and
  4. Worldview 3.

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