The Build Your Plan section of the Step By Step Guide helps you take the information you gathered in the assessments and turn them into a plan!

Think of your overall plan as a brick house. (mighty mighty)

The house itself is your plan. In building this house, you need rooms. Your goals are your rooms. Rooms are made up of walls. These are your strategies. And walls are made of bricks. Bricks are your marketing activities.

Plan = house

Goals = rooms

Strategies = walls

Activities = bricksTo give you an overview of where we’re going… the five steps to building your plan are:

  • Prioritize Goals
  • Get SMART
  • Select Marketing Activities
  • Write Your Plan
  • Create Project Plans

So far so good, [user_custom_field field=”first_name”]? Then let’s get moving to the next lesson…

Marketing Plan Template

Here is a Marketing Plan Template we’ve created for you. It is a Word doc you can print this out and fill it in as we go along.

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