In completing Putting It All Together, you will have created a list of Situations and Strategies to examine further. The most important ones will become your goals.

Since you probably won’t have the time, labor, or budget to do everything at once, you should prioritize.

Make a list of the Situations and Strategies suggested for you in the Putting It All Together document. Then, put them in order of importance using the following considerations:

  • Which will be the easiest to implement and give me quick results?
  • What doesn’t cost a lot of money and will provide good results?
  • Which can my team do now with little additional resources (i.e. won’t require too much additional training or tools)?
  • Which will make our customers most happy?
  • Which will have the most impact?
  • Which will provide fast results – a “quick win?”

First Things First

If you’re having trouble figuring out which should go first, second or third… Our sister site, Idea Sandbox, has created an online Prioritizer tool you may want to try out.

Quick Instructions: Add your goals into the Prioritizer – hitting tab to get to the next item – and when you’re done adding them, hit the NEXT button to select the importance of each item. The result is a list in order of importance!

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Bookmark this link, you’ll find it helpful for prioritizing any type of list!

Your Goals Are Now Identified

Now that you’ve have prioritized this list, the top three to four items are the most important and make up your Goals.

Beautiful work!

In the next section, we’ll talk about making those goals be “SMART” – refining them to make them as actionable as possible.