To best determine what Local Marketing activities you should use, follow these four key stages:

  • Gather the Facts,
  • Build Your Plan,
  • Implement Your Plan, and
  • Track, Measure & Share Results.

By following this path, you will develop a thorough Local Marketing Plan that identifies your situation, challenges AND opportunities, and then uses the right solutions and activities to build your business-driving plan.

In our experience – as with nearly anything in life – you reap what you sow. By taking short cuts or jumping to the end, you’ll miss key steps along the way. The more in-depth you work on each stage, the better your ultimate results.

Oh, one more thing…

As we go along, we’ll provide templates for you to download. If you want to download them now to print them and have them ready, here are the links. Or, you can skip this for now and download as you go along.

Okay… let’s get started!