Marketing is the action of promoting and selling a product or service.

Marketing is signage, in-store promotions, advertising, press releases, social media, and so much more.

Local Store Marketing or Local Marketing, as we’ll call it, is about driving your business by making your location(s) locally relevant. By local relevance, we mean connecting your location to your customers, your neighborhood, and your community. The desired result is that your customers and potential customers see your location as their neighborhood spot, rewarding you with their loyalty.

To develop the strongest Local Marketing Plan possible, you need to understand:

  • Your sales drivers and opportunities;
  • Who your customers are and what is important to them; and
  • Your local trade area – the area where your customers and potential customers come from.

Then, you put this information together to determine the right strategies to drive your business.

Local Marketing is cost-effective and fun. It’s not about spending big dollars on advertising campaigns. It’s the way many of the big, successful brands like Starbucks Coffee Company built their brands from the ground up.

Local Marketing: The Benefits

Well-executed Local Marketing positively impacts all areas of your business.

Higher Sales

By focused efforts in your plan, you will address your specific needs and ultimately drive sales and profits.

Customer Loyalty

Customers care about businesses that care about them and their communities. When you are involved in your local community, your customers will feel a sense of loyalty to you.

Employee Engagement and Retention

Studies show that employees prefer working for businesses that give back to their communities, especially when they are given the opportunity to be involved in the efforts.