Get Ready To Plan with your Annual Planning Guide!

The LSMGuide “Guide To Annual Planning ” provides information that will help you understand what activities – from sales to customer promotions – you should implement next year to help you meet or exceed your goals.

We recommend working on this process in September – November. Building your plan at this time provides the opportunity to assess, plan, and get work started so anything you need to do for the new year can be started early.


We like to approach planning like a road trip. You’ve got to know:

  • where you are,
  • where you need to go, and
  • determine the best path to get there.

That’s how we’ll approach planning for next year.

All through this guide, we’ll keep asking you an important question.

Is this easy or hard to do?

Understanding how much of a challenge something will be will serve as your gauge for how many sales-driving programs you may need to add and how aggressive they may need to be. Or how much you can relax and focus on other priorities.