Where We Are

Starter Questions

  • What have you accomplished over the past year?
  • What were your “actuals” compared to last year and your goals?
    • Actual sales vs. goal?
    • Actual customer service score vs. goal?
  • How well did you meet or exceed the goals for this past year?

Measure What Makes Sales

Sales is an obvious end-measure of success. However, to have a better understanding, you should measure the effectiveness of the programs and activities that drive your sales. Paying attention to which contribute more, and which contribute less. A few additional measures include:

  • Customer Comments Cards (positive vs. negative),
  • Average ticket / check average,
  • Customer transaction count,
  • Customer Service scores,
  • and the Ratio of Positive to Negative reviews.

What about food costs? Product costs?

We believe restaurant employees should be following standardized recipes/procedures, and retailers should be sourcing the right products at the right price. However, we don’t recommend reducing the quality of product ingredients or portion size as a strategy to increase profits.

Our goal is to do all we can to increase perceived value of what we offer and allow customers to feel comfortable to spend. Eroding the quality of your products by shaving off a little in product quality is not the way to achieve this.