Planning: Fewer, Bigger, Better

There is a chance you’ll have more ideas that you should or could execute in a year. A┬árule we use is to cut back to the fewer, bigger, better ideas!

A good way to determine these fewer, bigger, and better is to create a 2×2 quadrant diagram and plot your ideas. Determine which ones will be faster or less expensive or have better results.

Quadrant “2×2” Diagram



Programs in the upper-right “desired area” are the most attractive to pursue.

In this example, ease to launch is compared to investment. The easier and cheaper to launch programs will end up in that upper right quadrant.

Program 2 would be more attractive if there were a way to make it less expensive. Program 3 would work well if you made it less expensive and easier to launch.

Variables we often use include:

  • speed to launch,
  • cash investment,
  • supports corporate initiative,
  • customer friendly,
  • labor investment,
  • easy vs. complicated,
  • requires training vs. uses existing skills, and
  • builds vs. draws from the brand

Use the variables that make the best sense for your business and needs.