A relatively easy (and fun) way to add a dash of Holiday spirit is to offer seasonal products and services. You are only limited by your creativity in developing seasonal offerings. We’ve listed a variety of ideas across all types of retail concepts to help spark your creative ideas.

  • Cafe / Coffee Bar: Think Gingerbread Latte and Candy Cane Mochas. You can also offer caffeine-free kid versions.
  • Restaurant: Would your customers enjoy Holiday roasts, turkey, or the traditional Italian Feast of the Seven Fishes? What about Holiday Prime Rib, latkes and other entrées to add to the menu for a special, limited time? Don’t forget the good luck foods for the New Year!
  • Bar: Beyond Spiked Eggnog, Mulled Wine and Hot Buttered Rum, there are loads of trendy Holiday themed cocktails with traditional Holiday flavors including chocolate, peppermint, gingerbread and more.
  • Clothing Stores: Perfect outfits for Holiday parties. Offer personal shopping services for the men…we’ll help you find the perfect gift for your wife.
  • Jewelry: Special jewelry assortment for gifting…it could even be your regular assortment but merchandised in a themed way.
  • Furniture / Household: Perfect items for your Holiday entertaining OR for the entertainer on your list. It could be a Holiday decorated plate or just a bundle of your regular merchandise with festive packaging.
  • Pet Store: Stocking Stuffers for the pets. Gifts for pet parents.
  • Spa / Salon: Peppermint Scalp Massage, Holiday Relief Spa Package.


Did you know the Filet-O-Fish sandwich at McDonald’s started as a Seasonal Offering? It was invented by Cincinnati-based McDonald’s franchisee Lou Groen, who in 1962 needed a dining choice for his largely Catholic customer base. During the time of Lent leading up to Easter, Catholics aren’t permitted to eat meat on Fridays. The Filet-O-Fish was a hit and is now on menus all year.