Your mission for the Holiday season is to take advantage of the traffic generated by the hustle-and-bustle of the season. Some of this traffic is coming specifically to you, but the rest are passers-by that you want to attract.

Whether you…

  • Convert the traffic to sales (especially when offering something highly relevant),
  • Use it for sampling and demonstrations,
  • Build awareness of a new product or service, or
  • Surprise and delight customers and potential customers.

…the objective is to do something meaningful with all this traffic. It may be easier for a retailer or an upscale restaurant to participate in the Holiday season because they have established themselves as a destination for buying gifts or hosting the company Holiday party. But any business can capitalize on the increased traffic that’s out there during the Holidays.

We’ve designed this Guide to go beyond the “easy” and offer practical advice that will help ALL retail businesses to increase relevance and sales during the Holidays.