Another proven Holiday sales activity to consider implementing is tailoring a Twelve Days of Christmas promotion. We’ve seen this promotion work for all types of businesses from spas to wine stores. Here’s how it works.

Choose a 12-day period leading up to Christmas or another wintertime Holiday and on each day, offer something special to customers. If you are tying this into this year’s Christmas, we recommend you start a 12 Days promotion on December 13 and end it 12 days later on Christmas Eve.

One spa we’ve worked with has successfully done a 12 Days of Luxury during Christmas. As you can see below, every day the spa offered its guests an exclusive deal ranging from a Swedish Massage to a Free Paraffin on Hands with the purchase of a Manicure.

Total Wine, a leading wine and spirits retailer, has also found success using a 12 Days promotion. Total Wine calls it their 12 Deals of Christmas and each day throughout the promotion; they offer special prices on great Holiday gifts.

Another approach is a Gift of the Day or Gift of the Week, offering a special on a product to drive sales. For example, this Starbucks Tumbler/Refill deal has proven successful.

Implementing a Twelve Days promotion is a great way to engage customers and drive sales of specific products.