Creative Problem Solving To Be Innovative

Whenever we have a challenge – a client problem, trying to generate a new idea, developing strategy – we rely on the key steps below to solve our problem, creatively. We use this creative problem solving process to create ideas that we hope become an innovation.

  1. Stay Informed -Stay Informed of your own business, of your customers, of your industry, of your competitors.
  2. Problem Recognition – Problem Recognition is critical. It is the ability to notice that change is about to take place.
  3. Problem Identification – Once you realize you’ve got a problem the next step is to determine the cause of an issue. Identifying the root cause of a problem.
  4. Brainstorming – Idea generation. Thinking up new ideas.
  5. Decision Making – The process of reviewing all of the ideas generated and measuring them against the objectives of what you’re trying to solve.
  6. Plan Crafting – Writing your planned approach. This is the step where it all comes together.
  7. Be The Champion – Ideas – especially new or those perceived as risky – need champions. Ambassadors to share the benefits of testing and implementing.
  8. Implement – Implementation is where all the pre-work comes together and action is taken.
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The diagram below shows the key steps in the problem solving process. Click on a category to be linked to articles found on the Idea Sandbox website.

Creative Problem Solving

Stay Informed Problem Recognition Problem Identification Implement Brainstorming Be The Champion Plan Crafting Decision Making

We think you’ll find this process helpful for your organization as well.

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