Last Updated on 3 March 2024

(20 Feb 2006) I’m working on making Idea Sandbox remarkable… Turning the Sandbox into an online destination. A place, once you visit, you’ll tell others about.

My friend Jennifer at PRINCIPLE sent me a link to the on-line portfolio site of “Okay Dave” –  Dave Werner.

Dave Werner Cartoon
That’s Dave above, writing.
In ’06, Dave was a designer based in Atlanta. He had recently finished his graduate program at the Portfolio Center in Atlanta. To highlight his skills, he put together a stunning and media-rich portfolio.

Dave’s portfolio was created in Flash and featured clever interactive animations and transitions to present his outstanding work in a remarkable way. He didn’t just have a gallery of projects with a blurb. His portfolio was an experience.

As the saying goes, “Show, don’t tell.” Dave let his passion and personality show in his portfolio. He demonstrated talent and discipline beyond his years!

If it hasn’t happened already… it won’t be long before someone snatches up this talented guy!*

*(2024 Update) I’ve been nerding out to learn better character animation for my KeeKee’s Big Adventures YouTube shorts. The tutorials for Adobe Character Animator are led by this nice, smart guy named Dave. I’ve watched hours of him – too focused on the content – I didn’t realize the guy with the Okay Samurai handle is that same Okay Dave! Dave is currently a Senior Experience Designer Lead at Adobe and a darn good instructor for the Character Animator tools on YouTube.