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How To Use: “The Magic of Thinking Big”

The Magic Of Thinking Big by Dr. David Schwartz inspired me so much... I have to share parts of it with you. The slides below include lessons found throughout the book. In short, the book teaches: The size of your success is driven by the size of your thinking. That's a pretty powerful lesson. Dr. Schwartz offers (among other things) realistic advice to build confidence, think [...]

Creativity & Magic Secrets Revealed

We view those blessed with the gift of creativity with awe. Their imaginative ideas and creative problem solving skills surprise us - the way a good magician works. How did he do that? We’re left amazed and ooo-ing and ahh-ing. Creative? Me?! I can’t do that! I don’t have that gift. The good news? That’s just your perception. A mis-perception. Some people are more creative than [...]

Creating Ideas: Think The Way You Think

Do you sometimes wish you had an easier way to organize or gather your thoughts? Ever been working on a presentation, proposal, or to-do list and didn't know where to start or where you were going to go? A map would have come in handy in these situations... Mindmapping (also known as brainwriting or concept mapping) is a technique which allows you to rapidly organize, gather [...]

To Be Creative, Keep Feeding Your Mind

To be and stay creative, keep feeding your mind new ideas and information. Try new things. Visit new places; different parts of the world. Take a different route home from work. Learn a new language. Read Wikipedia entries about topics you know nothing about. Meet and talk to people with different interests and backgrounds. When you add new knowledge and ideas to your brain you create [...]

Don’t Blame The Boomerang When It Doesn’t Return

When I was six or seven years old, my grandfather took a trip to Australia and brought me back a boomerang. While I thought it was the coolest thing, no matter how much I practiced throwing it, it would never come back. A non-returning boomerang was exasperating since that is the whole purpose of a boomerang. Right? However, if I were to fill a field with [...]

Three Simple Decision-Making Tools

We make decisions all the time. Big ones, small ones, easy and challenging. Making the right choice can be obvious, and sometimes it requires time invested in thought. Luckily we have simple tools to help. (1) Pro & Con First, the basic Pro and Con list. A list of the good and bad aspects of a particular choice. If listing alone doesn't help you make the [...]