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How To Deal With Change

It is vexing, despite the fact that change constantly takes place in our lives, at times it can still throw us off-kilter? So what can we do to not let change get the best of us? The Facts NEVER: Change is never going to stop. In fact, they say the only constant in life IS change! So we need to get used to it and make [...]

Project Stuck? Try Using A “Black Box.”

When a scientist or engineer designs a new process, they run into many unknowns. You can expect that when creating something from scratch. However, they could have so many unknowns, if they tried to solve each as they occurred, they'd get mired in minutia and never finish the project. To deal with these sticky spots, they put each unknown into a "black box." The box serves [...]

Idea Generation: Great Ideas Are Looking Up

Ever wonder why great ideas seem to pop into your head at the strangest (and sometimes inopportune) times? Like when you're... falling asleep, in the shower, or exercising? It's not a coincidence. These are times when your body is switched to autopilot, and your conscious mind doesn't need to labor to perform these routine tasks. So the mind creatively wanders and processes other stuff. Processes thoughts [...]

Delight Your Customers: Be a Sock-Knocker-Offer

Have you ever wished someone… Or perhaps someone has offered you the words of encouragement… “Knock their socks off!” It means to wow or amaze someone. To go beyond what is expected. The saying originates from boxing – when you bop your opponent so hard, you nearly knock them out of their socks. Unfortunately – and far too often – experiences are delivered short of expectations. [...]

Making Better Decisions: The Better Of Many Greats

When it comes to the big choices we make - which house to live in, which job to take, which baby name to pick - you never want to be forced to choose “the lesser two evils.” To be forced to pick between two unattractive options. This is a terrible way to have to make a decision. The BEST way to make decisions is to struggle [...]

11 Ways To Restate Problems to Get Better Solutions

When faced with a challenge or problem, one of the best first steps in solving - even before you start thinking up possible solutions - is to examine and restate the problem. As Morgan D. Jones writes in his book, The Thinker's Toolkit: 14 Powerful Techniques for Problem Solving - "The aim of problem restatement is to broaden our perspective of a problem, helping us to [...]