Drive Traffic & Increase Frequency

Get customers to come into your store more often and for new, different reasons.

In-Store Programming: Create A Destination

What programs could you launch that would bring customers into your store?

Think back to the idea of whether it will be easy or hard to make next year’s numbers. What level of effort do you need to make?

If driving enough traffic will be a challenge, consider what additional Marketing Events you should schedule. You’ll promote these events – in-store and out-of-store – to drive traffic to your location.

Additional Daypart

Restaurant Specific:
Can you add business by creating another time of day for customers to visit?

Lunch and dinner fast food destinations – burger, taco, and chicken restaurants – all serve breakfast; hoping to capture “share of stomach” during the morning daypart.

Starbucks had been testing lunch items for years, to try to get customers to buy during the afternoon daypart.

They have also been offering what they call “treat receipts,” stamping your morning purchase receipt with an offer for a discounted beverage during their “after 2:00 PM” slow period.

Some restaurants, who already serve liquor add the word “Bar” to their name to attract late night traffic. Offering decadent desserts may attract the after-theater crowd.

Customer Seminars

Offer in-store training and seminars which showcase your products or services.

Home Depot, the US retailer of home improvement and construction products, hosts in-store workshops to demonstrate home improvement projects – from how to use tools to how to tile a floor. By educating customers how to do projects, they end up selling more supplies and tools.

At Starbucks, we used to host in-store coffee seminars. By teaching customers better brewing methods and food pairings, they better understood and had a higher appreciation for coffee. This reduced the likelihood that they would purchase from the competition.

See the marketing activity Customer Seminar Series for more details.

These links provide great information forĀ Create A Destination ideas and in-store programming.


We also have an entire Course dedicated to making your location a destination.

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