Lever: Increase Average Spend

Starter Questions

  • How can you get your customers to spend a little more than they typically do when they visit your location?
  • What add-on products/services, premium offerings, or up-selling can you do to encourage just a little more?

Add-On Products / Services

What other offerings do you have that would pair well with what is attractive to the customer?

The “interest” could be the right glass or bottle of wine with their entree. Or, the best remote control that works with the new home entertainment system you’ve just sold.

Premium, Seasonal Offerings (Upgrades)

Are there limited-time offerings you can provide? Starbucks continually adds seasonal beverages to the menu – most of the time they are priced higher than a typical beverage. They offer drinks (like the Pumpkin Spice Latte) for a short period and often return them the following season.


Do your teams know how to up-sell?

Remember the table we saw a few pages back? The A Few More Customers, A Few More Cents page that expressed what would result merely by selling 50-cents more per customer.

Consider adding a “Sales Training Program” to your list of things to do/implement in the next few months to be in full force by the New Year.