Lever: Increase Customer Base

Discover More Traffic Drivers

Use your marketing outreach and word of mouth tools to reach more of the same customers.

For example, if you’re already bringing in some of the people from your neighboring area – aim to reach more who haven’t tried you, or don’t know you’re there – by contacting them through direct outreach or word of mouth.

Create an offer or incentive for customers to stop in: a special offer with value added. Send a direct mail piece or build awareness via your customer eNewsletter and social media channels.

Key Resource

We suggest conducting a Trade Area Assessment and use the Marketing Activities from our Marketing Strategy: Drive Traffic page.

Open An Additional Location

Maybe you’ve reached capacity at your existing location and need to expand. Have you considered opening an additional location?

If you have the investment, authority, ability, and patience… adding an additional location can be a surefire way to double your sales.