December 2015

Creative, Elegant Temporary Solutions To Problems

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There is construction taking place at Schipol Airport in Amsterdam and a small leak has developed in the roof. They’ve put a plant in place to catch the leak. Not a mop bucket or 50-gallon trash can.

You almost wouldn’t notice there was a leak. The watervanger (water catcher) is attractive and the water gets put to use.

water catcher

Of course, addressing the symptom (water on the floor) isn’t addressing the root problem (hole in the ceiling), but temporarily this is a great solution.

July 2012

Cupful of QR Genius From Guinness

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Some years ago, I enthusiastically reported on the optical illusion coasters created by BBDO New York for Guinness brand beer. They were a low-tech way to create conversation and engagement with the product.

Guinness Glass

Here we are again with a product-activated higher-tech idea. When Guinness is poured into a specially marked glass a QR (Quick Response) code is revealed.


AdWeek reports, when you scan the code with a smartphone it “tweets about your pint, updates your Facebook status, checks you in via Foursquare, downloads coupons and promotions, invites your friends to join you, and even launches exclusive Guinness content.”

What’s sneaky is that a golden colored beer won’t work, it’s gotta be a dark beer like a Guinness.


And, they thought of everything… you can’t engage in the social media tools by scanning what you see here… it takes you to an unused URL. Despite my efforts to find a photo of an glass in use on the interweb, I had no luck.

Thanks AdWeek and Rebecca Murtagh the @VirtualMarketer

@BBDONY | @GuinnessIreland | Images from AdWeek.