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Clever Package Labeling at UK Grocer

2007-04-23T12:23:28-04:00Categories: SandBlog|Tags: |

Sainsbury's Supermarkets a 130-year-old British-based grocery store is promoting their new in-store nutritional label system. A brightly colored pie chart graphic - they call their "wheel of health traffic labeling" illustrates in green good nutrients and in red those which are [...]

How Easy Is Your Product To Use?

2017-08-20T16:53:53-04:00Categories: SandBlog, solve|Tags: |

Dirty Laundry While I know how to wash a white towel, I took a look at the care tag, and these five "international" "standardized" symbols are supposed to ensure I wash and dry this item properly. Huh?! By scouring the Internet, [...]