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How To Be Like Walt Disney

2016-04-12T16:19:00-04:00Categories: SandBlog|Tags: , , |

In How to Be Like Walt, Pat Williams cites what are considered the six qualities that made the work Walt Disney did so creative and innovative. In re-reading How To Be Like Walt, it was a great refresher on what contributed [...]

Apple Animagic Ad

2015-11-16T10:11:17-05:00Categories: SandBlog|Tags: |

In the spirit of the Rankin/Bass "animagic" style... (that's Hermie the Elf and Rudolph a Rankin/Bass classic)... Apple created this brilliant Christmas version of their "Hi, I'm a Mac. Hi, I'm a PC" commercials. Enjoy!

Netherlands Queen’s Day – Games of Skill

2007-05-02T08:28:19-04:00Categories: SandBlog|Tags: , |

Monday was Queen's Day here in the Netherlands... a national holiday... We all get the day off to party, drink, and celebrate. (if you're into that kinda thing). I mentioned that you're allow to sell things without paying taxes... So people [...]

Twenty Characteristics of Genius

2006-03-24T20:09:42-05:00Categories: SandBlog|Tags: |

Tony Buzan, considered the father of the mind map, offers a list of twenty characteristics based on research he conducted for his 1992 book "Buzan's Book of Genius." Vision Desire Faith Commitment Planning Persistence Learning from Mistakes Subject Knowledge Mental Literacy [...]

Creative Space… Einstein’s Parents Approve

2012-01-25T23:53:42-05:00Categories: SandBlog|Tags: , |

While reading "Discover Your Genius" by Michael J Gelb I came across this great passage about transforming a conference room into an Einstein Room. Einstein's parents encouraged his natural talent for imagination by creating a stimulus-rich, brain-nourishing environment. Psychologists have known [...]