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This version of Card Writing is suited to teams of around six people. Approach Each team member receives three cards and writes one idea on each. The three cards are then passed to the neighboring team member, who writes a further [...]


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A commercial (and often very effective) version of Brainstorming With Sticky Notes, that involves special equipment (marketed by two companies, Metaplan and Neuland) and a trained facilitator.

Card Writing

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Approach Restate the problem or outcome as a series of "How To's"; select the most promising one; ask: “In how many ways can we …?”. Each person is given six 5"x3” cards (or Post-it Notes): five white and one pink. Ideas [...]


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This is also called a Cascade Session and Idea Writing and is similar to the 6-3-5 method. Approach Each group member writes down ideas silently on a piece of paper. These might be stimulated by an idea already generated. After three minutes [...]