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A proprietary diverge-converge methodology that relies heavily on metaphor and analogy, developed by Bill Gordon and George Prince, and marketed by Synectics Limited. It is implementation-focused and makes frequent use of Excursion Techniques. More info: [1].


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This term, a contraction of "it's like" that means "very similar to," was invented by Jeffrey Hyman from Idea Flow. It's not so much an idea generation method - more of a device for explaining a novel idea to others in [...]

Career Excursion

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Here you look at the problem through the eyes of someone who does a completely different job, such as a nurse, an astronaut or a ballet dancer. (Unless you too happen to be a nurse, an astronaut, or a ballet dancer...)

Force Fit

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Also called Forced Relationships and Forced Association. This involves creating a new idea out of two partially-connected or totally unconnected ones. One variant is word association, where you take a Random Word from a special list, a book or a dictionary, [...]