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Johnnie Walker: Keep Walking “Fold-In” Ad

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Whisky brand, Johnnie Walker, has been running their "Keep Walking" brand campaign for quite a while now. It's designed to "inspire personal progress." The ads feature the yellow, dapper, top hat-wearing silhouette from their bottles... the striding man. The most recent [...]

Do You Suffer From Marketing A.D.D.?

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Yesterday Some time ago, Seth Godin posted a great article on his blog declaring patience as the secret to success on the internet. Basically stating that success equals the ability to stick it out longer than those looking for instant success. [...]


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In Tom Kelley’s new book The Ten Faces of Innovation, the second ‘face’ he discusses in the book is called the "Experimenter." These are folks who "strive for inspiration but never shy away from perspiration." Walt Disney called this "sticktoitivity." Kelley [...]