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This version of Card Writing is suited to teams of around six people. Approach Each team member receives three cards and writes one idea on each. The three cards are then passed to the neighboring team member, who writes a further [...]

Backward Mapping

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Also known as Backcasting. This highly effective method is missing from most textbooks on problem-solving, change, innovation and development. You imagine that the future has arrived and the problem has been solved or the outcome has been achieved. Then you look [...]

Ladder Of Abstraction

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In Neuro-Linguistic Programming, this method is called Chunking Up and Down. There are two main versions of the Laddering method. Version 1 Method Version 1 is about levels of abstraction. To move up a level, from the specific to the more [...]

Delbecq and van de Ven

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Also known as Blocks and Barriers, it is useful in situations where different interest groups have different perceptions of the same problem. Approach The group can contain up to twelve members. Each member brainstorms blocks and barriers which contribute to the [...]