Appreciative Inquiry

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This is an organizational change method that, in essence, is about finding out what is already working and doing more of it. The 'solutions focus' approach of Dr. Mark McKergow and Paul Z Jackson, an adaptation of the 'solutions focused brief [...]

Do More Of What Works

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Here, rather than seeking and attempting to remove underlying causes, or taking a project management or roadmap approach to results creation, you simply find out what is already working and do more of it, or identify the exception to the problem [...]

Break The Rules

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If we stick to the real or imagined rules, the only kind of change that is possible is what Watzlawick, Weakland, and Fisch called First Order Change in their book Change: Principles of Problem Formation and Problem Resolution. An example of [...]

Minimalist Intervention

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Minimalist Intervention is a term invented by Dr. James Wilk, to describe a small nudge that brings about the desired change, quickly, with minimum effort and with existing resources. A minimalist intervention is like turning the tube of a kaleidoscope a [...]

Worldview 2

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The World Is A System Whereas Worldview 1 is an understanding of reality based on the thinking of Newton and Descartes, first-order change and the laws of cause and effect, Worldview 2 represents an altogether different view of reality. Under Worldview [...]