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Decision Making

Three Simple Decision-Making Tools

We make decisions all the time. Big ones, small ones, easy and challenging. Making the right choice can be obvious, and sometimes it requires time invested in thought. Luckily we have simple tools to help. (1) Pro & Con First, the basic Pro and Con list. A list of the good and bad aspects of a particular choice. If listing …

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Taking Action: 8 Ways to Classify Ideas

A fair amount of writing about brainstorming emphasizes not judging ideas too soon. A plethora of criticism about brainstorming argues it isn’t critical enough. No matter how you think-up ideas, eventually they must prove themselves worthy of helping you meet your objectives. An excellent way to evaluate your ideas is by categorizing them into what Edward de Bono in his …

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Top Posts of 2013

Happy New Year! As we look forward to creating new content in 2014, it’s fun and helpful to look back and see which posts from 2013 you found most interesting. Check out the top 8 most-read posts below! 1. Branding vs. Marketing: What’s the Difference? This “Point-Counterpoint” article from our Crackerjack Marketing Series touches on the key differences (and similarities) …

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Get Quality Ideas From a Quantity Of Options

You’re in your neighborhood bookstore looking for a title about “social media.” Do you immediately buy the first book you see, on the first shelf of the business section? Probably not. You visit a new restaurant for a tasty dinner, do you only read the top menu item and order it – ignoring the rest of the menu? I don’t …

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Hitting Your Innovation Target With A Diagram

Compromise gets a bad rap in the United States. Departing with anything less than the biggest, the best, and the most reflects weakness. Yet, since most of us work in an environment where different people come from different backgrounds with differing approaches on how to reach a similar goal – compromise is a reality. There are times when you don’t …

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Fighter Pilot Business Man

Decision Making, Like A Fighter Pilot

When operating a company, to stay innovative requires constant observation of your industry, competition, and your own company. When you’re a fighter pilot, to stay alive requires constant observation of what is happening around you as well as with your own aircraft. With that said… Let me ask you… If there was a decision-making framework that allowed a fighter pilot …

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10 Steps To Take Brainstorming From Good To Wicked Good

Sand for Your Inbox How many brainstorming sessions, filled with potentially brilliant ideas, have ended up as rolled up flip charts under someone’s desk? Taking ideas to the next step post-brainstorming can be a challenge. When I get near the end of the brainstorming process, I use a simple filtering process that moves ideas from concept to near-ready to implement. …

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Making Decisions With A Coin Toss

While it may be a nice way to choose who gets the last cupcake or which side of the field your team starts on, the coin flip can seem like a pretty flimsy way to make important decisions. But, what do you do when you’ve gathered all the possible data and know all the possible facts? At some point, it …

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Nothing Worse Than The Wrong Problem Solved Properly

“There’s nothing worse than bad coffee brewed properly.” That’s a quote by Tim Kern. He was a coffee guru at Starbucks Coffee. A long-time employee who was caught a the lay-off sweep a couple of years ago. The artwork is from a notebook Starbucks handed out to participants in a leadership conference. The notebook was sprinkled with quotes provided by …

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Making Better Decisions

Sand for Your Inbox November 2009 It is great to have so many choices in life… from what to be when you grow up to what cereal to buy for breakfast… lots of choices. The drawback is that so many options can make decision making confusing, sometimes leading to ‘bad decisions.’ It isn’t a big deal with low-risk decisions… For …

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