We know you will find this Strategic Staffing Course helpful in bringing in your next round of employees. Remember these key ideas for the greatest success:

  1. Understand your company culture to understand what type employee will be a best fit for your organization.
  2. Have a well-thought job description created for each job you’re hiring for.
  3. Build awareness of your available jobs in places where the good potential candidates are found.
  4. Make sure you’re doing the things to make your business an attractive play to work.
  5. Good interviewing takes time and shouldn’t be done in haste. To make the best use of your interviews, use methods to filter now less-qualified candidates.
  6. Use Behavioral Interviewing to understand how candidates react in real life situations – make sure those reactions match what you’re looking for.
  7. Have all the tools and resources a new hire needs ready on the day they start to get started properly.
  8. Don’t let workers start until they’ve been fully trained. Set them up for success.
  9. Recognize and reward your good employees.
  10. Grow and improve your employees having challenges.
  11. Dismiss employees respectfully.

You Are A Staffing Superstar!

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