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Seattle’s Best Coffee Announces Cart, But Where’s The Horse?

2010-05-14T17:39:24-04:00Categories: SandBlog|Tags: , , , , , , , , |

On Wednesday May 12th, Seattle's Best Coffee, announced the beginning of their "brand transformation" with a new logo that (as they put it) matches their "optimist outlook and simplified approach to great coffee experiences." Over the next months and years, they [...]

What Is Burger King Thinking?

2016-02-18T20:17:51-05:00Categories: SandBlog|Tags: , |

At the airport yesterday afternoon, after pulling our luggage off the arrival carousel, we decided we needed a bite to eat. What the heck... let's get something at Burger King. Divvying up our food items revealed the "Veg City Airport" themed [...]

Life Cycles

2017-03-01T11:57:01-05:00Categories: grow, SandBlog|Tags: |

As stated about three-quarters of the way into your Marketing 101 book... Products, like people, have been viewed as having a life cycle. The product life cycle concept describes the stages a product goes through in the marketplace. [click for larger [...]