Five Whys

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There are two very different methods, both called Five Whys. Method 1 Intended to find the 'root cause' of a problem. (This is based on the presupposition that all problems have root causes.) Ask "Why does this problem occur?" When you [...]

How-How Diagram

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also redirected from "Relevance Tree" As an example, let's say the outcome is to increase the number of clients. A hierarchy of ideas is drawn, rather like a family tree or organization chart. Similar to Five Why's but a different question [...]

5Ws And An H

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What? Where? When? Who? Why? How? Sometimes referred to as Kipling's Six Serving Men. A more formalized version of this is called critical examination. This simple tool can produce a wealth of information and valuable ideas. Approach Use the question "Why?" [...]

Brainstorming / Idea Generation

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The process of generating ideas. Also known as generating alternatives. The term "brainstorming" was coined by Alex Osborn (the ‘O' in advertising agency BBDO) in 1938 and described in his book Applied Imagination, this is the classic ideas generation technique, and [...]