January 2014

Top Posts of 2013

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Happy New Year!

As we look forward to creating new content in 2014, it’s fun and helpful to look back and see which posts from 2013 you found most interesting.

Check out the top 8 most-read posts below!

1. Branding vs. Marketing: What’s the Difference?

This “Point-Counterpoint” article from our Crackerjack Marketing Series touches on the key differences (and similarities) between marketing and branding.

2. Tips to Drive Sales At Your Location With In-Store Events

One of the best ways to build awareness, excitement and traffic to a new location is through a grand opening event. Check out this article for our top tips on how to succeed.

3. 275 Most Common Marketing & Communication Venues

This extensive list will help you think outside the box in your next strategy and brainstorming meeting. There are more ways to reach people than eMail or an ad in the newspaper!

4. How Valuable Are Loyalty Programs?

If you’re thinking about launching a customer loyalty program this year, this article is a must-read.

5. What Are The Key Components to Include in a Brand Style Guide?

Depending on the size of your business, your Brand Style Guide might be a few pages or heavy textbook. Regardless of the guide’s size, make sure to include these key components!

6. Why is a Brand Style Guide Important?

Amongst other things, a Brand Style Guide ensures that each employee (from the CEO to the new intern) knows the proper way to represent the brand via various communication channels. It’s the “voice” and look and feel of your brand.

7. Take Your Audience On a Hero’s Journey

After reading Nancy Duarte’s Resonate: Present Visual Stories That Transform Audiences, Paul shares his tips on how to make your next presentation more like a great story.

8. 3 Simple Decision-Making Tools

Have some big (or small) decisions to make in the near future? Consider consulting one of our handy dandy decision making tools to make your life a little easier!

In 2014, we’ll continue to provide you with relevant, helpful and interesting articles to help you succeed and stay inspired. Stay tuned!

October 2013

September 2013

“Converge” Virtual Book Tour Concludes Today!

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Today’s the final day of the virtual book tour for Converge: Transforming Business at the Intersection of Marketing and Technology by Bob Lord and Ray Velez.

On Monday…

Ray Velez expanded upon the major themes from the book over at Scott Brinker’s Chief Marketing Technologist Blog..

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On Tuesday…

Denise Lee Yohn’s Brand Book Bites Blog shared Ray Velez’s illuminating definition of “convergence” and the five principles practiced by companies that excel at it.

Denise Lee Yohn

On Wendesday…

Renee Hopkins, Media Relations Manager at the University of Texas McCombs School of Business, continued the tour at her Curatorium blog.



William Eisenbrandt at Networked Wealth shared his thoughts on the book, and also how small business owners can remain relevant to today’s consumers.

Networked Wealth

And, later today…


Jason Korman of Gaping Void will post a podcast interview with one of the authors, Ray Velez. We can’t wait to listen!

Gaping Void



To learn more about how the convergence of marketing and technology is revolutionizing the industry’s greatest companies, visit the author’s book site or purchase directly from Amazon:


August 2013

How Can a Marketer Design and Implement a Great In-Store Marketing Program when Operations Demand a Clutter-Free Store?

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POINT: Paul Williams

The secret to clutter-free in-store programs is discipline.

The discipline to say No.

As a marketer at Starbucks we were responsible for building in-store programs. Our first step was to take a look at the inventory of products and programs and craft an engaging experience for customers. (more…)

May 2013

Do all Marketing Activities need a Strong Call to Action?

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POINT: Paul Williams

Call now!
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Each of these is a call to action. We marketers put ’em everywhere.

The call to action is the punctuation at the end of our advertising message sentence.

Dear Customer, now that we have conveyed to you how great and valuable this product or service is… Here’s what to do to get it. (more…)

January 2013

November 2009

50 Eye-Opening Lectures for the Marketing Mind: By Online Colleges

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Online Colleges, a site promoting web-based colleges, fished the interwebs and compiled a page of 50 Eye-Opening Lectures for the Marketing Mind – lectures and presentations for marketers with topics ranging from Economics, Business, Marketing, Advertising, Technology, and Psychology and Sociology.

The 50 Lectures for Marketers is part of a series of compilations Online College has created. Other compilations include…

Online Colleges is smart. They’re attracting people to their site by adding value instead of shoving their message at us.

(Thanks Amber for sending this my way!)