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How To Be Like Walt Disney

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In How to Be Like Walt, Pat Williams cites what are considered the six qualities that made the work Walt Disney did so creative and innovative. In re-reading How To Be Like Walt, it was a great refresher on what contributed [...]

Do You Flemish?

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Huh? Am I asking you are from Belgium? Or have a cold… phlegmish? No. No. Do you flemish? To “flemish” is to coil the loose end of the lines* (ropes) used when boating. It is an attractive and safe way (reduces [...]


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In Tom Kelley’s new book The Ten Faces of Innovation, the second ‘face’ he discusses in the book is called the "Experimenter." These are folks who "strive for inspiration but never shy away from perspiration." Walt Disney called this "sticktoitivity." Kelley [...]