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Top Posts of 2013

Happy New Year! As we look forward to creating new content in 2014, it’s fun and helpful to look back and see which posts from 2013 you found most interesting. Check out the top 8 most-read posts below! 1. Branding vs. Marketing: What’s the Difference? This “Point-Counterpoint” article from our Crackerjack Marketing Series touches on the key differences (and similarities) …

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Your Brand Style Guide is Built, Now What?

POINT: Paul Williams Nice work, you’ve put together all of your core identity and branding information in one spot! Now what? Think of your Brand Style Guide tools as you would any on-going core program of your company. These are the same tactics you should use for your Style Guide.

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What are Key Components to Include in a Brand Style Guide?

POINT: Paul Williams There are two types of information that may be included in a Brand Style Guide. I’m going to refer to the entire package of tools as Brand Identity & Standards Guide. The first type of information has to do with the brand identity elements – logo, color scheme, font usage, etc… The second documents corporate guidelines – …

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National Trademark Expo: Oct 15/16 Washington DC

One of the benefits of living near the US Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) is you get to bump into celebrities. For example, today – just outside our neighborhood Starbucks – we saw T. Markey! I wonder if he has a girlfriend named Brandy? He was walking the neighborhood to build awareness of the National Trademark Expo event taking place …

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Seattle’s Best Coffee Announces Cart, But Where’s The Horse?

On Wednesday May 12th, Seattle’s Best Coffee, announced the beginning of their “brand transformation” with a new logo that (as they put it) matches their “optimist outlook and simplified approach to great coffee experiences.” Over the next months and years, they plan to “show up in new ways and different places. Places where great coffee should be.” This tactic is …

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Balancing Unity And Variety:
Branding Lesson From Classical Music

Unity promotes cohesiveness. Variety creates interest. A business lesson taken from classical music. Ultimately, all composition comes down to a balance between unity and variety. Too much unity, too much of the same thing, leads to boredom. But, too much variety leads to chaos. This sentiment is attributed to Russian composer Igor Stravinski by music commentator Rob Kapilow. While this …

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How To Use Bookmark Tags For Brand Insights

Ever wonder what people associate with your company or brand? I do. One measure is to examine the “key words” people use when they bookmark your website/blog. Delicious is an online bookmarking service that allows users to label a site with tags meaningful for that user. By viewing how Delicious users have tagged your site, you can get an idea …

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What Is Burger King Thinking?

At the airport yesterday afternoon, after pulling our luggage off the arrival carousel, we decided we needed a bite to eat. What the heck… let’s get something at Burger King. Divvying up our food items revealed the “Veg City Airport” themed artwork on the Burger King paper tray liner. Burger King is using the airport security screening metaphor – blocking …

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Life Cycles

As stated about three-quarters of the way into your Marketing 101 book… Products, like people, have been viewed as having a life cycle. The product life cycle concept describes the stages a product goes through in the marketplace. [click for larger view] The life cycle diagram helps us remember products change over time and so should their supporting marketing strategies. …

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