That concludes our Drive Trial thru Sampling & Demonstrations!

Before you go, let’s recap!

Here are they key take-aways from our Sampling and Demonstration Guide:

  • Trial Drives Sales. Giving people a chance to try before they buy reduces risk and increases the likelihood that they will buy your product / service.
  • Sampling Basics– In-store sampling provides opportunities for employees to engage with customers. You can sample while customers wait in line, at the register or on the sales floor. Out-of-Store sampling allows you to get your product in front of new / potential customers. Good spots for out of store sampling include community events, busy public areas (train, metro, etc.) or in the lobbies of office buildings.
  • Demonstrations Basics– Demonstrations allow you to show off key features of products or services so that your customers have a better understanding of what makes you different (and better!) than your competition. It’s important to always be excited and rehearsed to demo, and to let the customer try it for themselves.
  • Be Organized – Plan out when / what you’ll sample and demonstrate each week. Build it into your employees’ schedules and your budget for the year. Neither sampling nor demonstrations can be a “do it when we have time” type of thing. You might never have time.
  • Put on a Great Show – Feature a personality from your team: someone that is their best when they’re interacting with customers. Sample your highest-quality product and make sure you don’t create trash when you are working off-site.

Remember, the key to successful sampling and demonstrations is to put your best face forward (best employees, best product, best set-up) and to sample to your existing customers (to possibly upgrade their usual purchase) and to your potential customers (to drive trial of your product). It’s for this reason that the quality of your sampling and demonstrations matters more than the quantity.

We wish you the best experience with your sampling and demonstrations. By using the tips and techniques found in this guide, we think that you and your employees will find these “new” activities as a fun and engaging way to interact with your customers and, ultimately, drive sales.