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Connection Making

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A subset of the Springboard Category. There are three such subsets... Connection Making Metaphorical Pattern Based Methods of Connection Making Card Decks Force Fit Proverbs and Cliches Random Juxtaposition Random Objects Random Words Street Excursion


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A commercial (and often very effective) version of Brainstorming With Sticky Notes, that involves special equipment (marketed by two companies, Metaplan and Neuland) and a trained facilitator.

Card Writing

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Approach Restate the problem or outcome as a series of "How To's"; select the most promising one; ask: “In how many ways can we …?”. Each person is given six 5"x3” cards (or Post-it Notes): five white and one pink. Ideas [...]


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This is also called a Cascade Session and Idea Writing and is similar to the 6-3-5 method. Approach Each group member writes down ideas silently on a piece of paper. These might be stimulated by an idea already generated. After three minutes [...]

Morphological Analysis

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Originated by Swiss mathematician and astronomer Fritz Zwicky, this is a useful method when you need ideas for extending, modifying or improving an existing product or service. Approach First, make a list of each component or feature of the product, using [...]

Five Whys

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There are two very different methods, both called Five Whys. Method 1 Intended to find the 'root cause' of a problem. (This is based on the presupposition that all problems have root causes.) Ask "Why does this problem occur?" When you [...]

How-How Diagram

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also redirected from "Relevance Tree" As an example, let's say the outcome is to increase the number of clients. A hierarchy of ideas is drawn, rather like a family tree or organization chart. Similar to Five Why's but a different question [...]