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Social Media Snake Oil

Social media tactics can be a valuable part of your word-of-mouth marketing strategy. But, they are not the cure-all! Leave it to Marketoonist genius Tom Fishburne to capture the problem in word and image. As Tom writes about his illustration this week… In these early days of social media, there’s a lot of snake oil peddling. It’s easier to talk …

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Difference Between Artistic & Creative Ability

Sometimes we confuse artistic ability with creativity. If I can’t paint or draw, I’m not creative. Artistic ability includes skills and talent to create fine works of art: painting, drawing, sculpting, musical composition, etc. Creativity ability is the skill and talent to use our imagination to create and solve. A better artist is creative. But, you don’t have to be …

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11/11/11 11:11:11

What a great date and time for a launch event: 11/11/11. To be even fancier, and precise… schedule it at 11:11 am (and 11 seconds). You could launch at night at 11 pm, however, 11 pm is technically 23:00 not 11:00. To be honest, it probably looks more interesting than your target audience is really interested. If you have a …

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