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Swim Lane Diagram:
Dive Into Complex Decision-Making

Some weeks ago, I shared a decision making method that utilized a Two-By-Two Diagram to rank/filter ideas using two key parameters. While I received positive feedback, I was asked what to use when you need to rank/filter ideas that involve more than just two parameters. For this, I recommend using a “swim lane” diagram. (It involves parallel rows akin to …

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Two-By-Two Diagram: Simplifying the Complex

Some call it a matrix, others a two-by-two diagram. I call ’em awesome. Two-by-twos allow you to plot complex information in a matter that allows you not only to see the relationship between two things, but also to make better judgments and decisions. I often use these during brainstorming sessions with clients as a way to filter our stacks of …

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Performance Chart: Your Company, Product, Life

I love tools that are simple to use, easy to learn, but offer profound impact. The performance chart is one of those tools. They consists of a group of continua (left-to-right axis) where you plot “where you are” versus “where you want to be.” This can be helpful to create a visual report card for you at your job, for …

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Sandbox Prioritizer Now For iPhone!

In response to popular demand, the free tool to help you get yourself in order – the Idea Sandbox Prioritizer – is now available for the iPhone! Yay! It’s a wicked-simple tool to use, and will help you prioritize ANY list of items. Using your iPhone, browse over to… I’ve even created a snazzy icon for when you save …

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Prioritizer Receives Rave Reviews

I’m pleased to share with you that Idea Sandbox Prioritizer, officially launched on Wednesday, April 23 has garnered its own fan mail. Take a look at these comments… Reader Reactions Robert “Prioritizer is a cool piece of work, congratulations! I’m one of those guys that always has a handwritten bullet to-do list on my desk. This is much better.” Becky …

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