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Starbucks App Is Slick, But Reduces Customers To Transactions

It is an ultimate convenience that you can pre-order Starbucks from your phone. Tap your order into your phone, walk in and pick up your beverage. It is paid for and you skip the line. To some operators, I’ll bet this sounds like the perfect set-up…just take the customer’s money and hand them a product. Starbucks can get away with …

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Push Ideas For Better Creative Thinking

A sponsored link from Starbucks Frappuccino appeared in my Facebook feed this morning. It announces a new Frappuccino flavor, S’mores. I won’t debate the choice of flavor. I understand the challenge the Starbucks beverage team has, trying to comp their numbers year over year with different flavors. I will challenge the thinking and implementation of the marketing and creative team. This used to …

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We Miss Local Store Marketing, Starbucks

Dear Starbucks, You know I love you. We’ve had loads of great times together. We’ve learned a lot and helped each other out in good and bad times. As a friend, I have to be honest with you. I know you like the spotlight and love being in the grocery store and convenience stores, but it is still the Starbucks …

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How Can a Marketer Design and Implement a Great In-Store Marketing Program when Operations Demand a Clutter-Free Store?

POINT: Paul Williams The secret to clutter-free in-store programs is discipline. The discipline to say No. As a marketer at Starbucks we were responsible for building in-store programs. Our first step was to take a look at the inventory of products and programs and craft an engaging experience for customers.

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In Brand We Trust

How Can Business Operations Support the Brand Promise?

POINT: John Moore To me, a “brand promise” is what customers expect to experience with a business. Anytime a business delivers something different, it breaks its “brand promise” with customers.

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Starbucks Blonde Coffee

Starbucks: Trying To Be All Things, To All People

I saw this ad today on Facebook, for Starbucks Blonde Roast Coffee. *sigh* In addition to being awkward to order: “I’d like a tall blonde with whip, please.” It isn’t helping Starbucks be remarkable, or stand out… It is causing them to blend in. What made Starbucks remarkable A secret to Starbucks success was their dark roast. It was a …

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Forget The Shark, Starbucks Jumps The Whale

Starbucks Coffee Company on Monday the 17th of May in the year 2010 has “jumped the whale.”* Starbucks announced today they will start offering Starbucks Natural Fusions, flavored coffee beans in grocery stores. For those of you who remember when Starbucks was more about quality than quantity, flavored beans were considered the devil. If coffee was plotted on a Monopoly …

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Seattle’s Best Coffee Announces Cart, But Where’s The Horse?

On Wednesday May 12th, Seattle’s Best Coffee, announced the beginning of their “brand transformation” with a new logo that (as they put it) matches their “optimist outlook and simplified approach to great coffee experiences.” Over the next months and years, they plan to “show up in new ways and different places. Places where great coffee should be.” This tactic is …

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“The Basics” May Be Enough To Make You Great

Taking your business from good → to great → to remarkable can seem a daunting task. But, it may be easier than you think. The bad news from a customer perspective is that companies aren’t doing the basics properly, let alone getting to remarkable. Customers hopes are high, but expectations low. This bad news is good news for your company. …

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Driving Trial To Drive Sales

Mocha Valencia Frappuccino, was the one of the new beverages in the summer of 2002 at Starbucks Coffee. I was the marketing manager in charge of the summer promotion. The beverage team described the taste profile like eating pieces of “chocolate orange” – like that made by Terry’s. (Which is interesting – because Terry’s Chocolate Orange wasn’t / isn’t a …

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