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Great Happens, It’s Tough to Always Be Good

2017-03-01T11:56:54-05:00Categories: grow|Tags: |

In Steve Martin's memoir, Born Standing Up, Steve shares the challenge of trying to consistently provide a "good" performance. I see a direct relationship between what Steve comments about and the same concept in business... specifically customer service. The consistent work [...]

Put Yer Customer Needs First

2017-08-19T16:08:22-04:00Categories: SandBlog|Tags: , |

Let's say ye be a shipbuilder fer swashbucklers an' ye want t' stay innovative. As ye watch th' trends ye notice that yer competitor pirate shipbuilders be addin' larger cannons t' the'r ships t' aid th' swashbucklers. Swashbucklers seem t' need [...]